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Car Service and Maintenance:

Give your car the love it deserves with our comprehensive car service and routine maintenance. From oil changes to filter replacements and tire rotations, our experts ensure that your car remains in excellent condition, ensuring smooth drives and extended vehicle life.

car battery

Reliable Battery Replacement: Powering Your Drive:

When your car's battery shows signs of weakness, trust us to provide a seamless replacement. Our battery experts ensure your vehicle is equipped with a dependable power source, allowing you to start your engine with confidence. Whether it's a sudden failure or a planned replacement, count on us to keep you on the road and in control.

Efficient Clutch Replacement for Smooth Transitions:

A worn-out clutch can disrupt your driving experience and compromise your car's performance. Our proficient clutch replacement service ensures that your vehicle's shifting remains smooth and seamless. With precision and attention to detail, our mechanics expertly replace your clutch components, delivering a driving experience that's a joy to navigate.

car brake pads

Brake Repairs and Enhanced Safety:

At Fangio Auto Service, safety is paramount. Our brake repair services are designed to keep your car's vital systems functioning flawlessly. Our experienced mechanics meticulously inspect, repair, and replace brake components, ensuring your vehicle's reliability and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve on every journey.

Expert Diagnostics for Precise Solutions:

When your vehicle's performance falters, our expert diagnostics come to the rescue. We delve deep into your car's systems, utilizing advanced tools and our skilled technicians' know-how to uncover any underlying issues. With precision and accuracy, we diagnose problems and provide effective solutions, restoring your car's optimal performance and getting you back on the road with confidence.

panel beating

Immaculate Bodywork with Panel Beating:

Our panel beating service is your solution for restoring your car's body to perfection. Skilled technicians expertly repair dents and imperfections, leaving your vehicle looking flawless once again.

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